oh hey, y'all

Whether you're a friend or a stranger, stumbled here by accident or not, thanks for stopping by! I'm SarahI have lots of loves in life but they mostly center around music, people, and media. As irritating as fake Facebook news is, I still have full faith that media is inherently good and is all about making relationships and telling storiesso let's have a conversation about some damn good people, places, and music.

Some factoids about myself:

  • Strong believer + supporter of the oxford comma.

  • New Nashvillian from Athens, GA, but raised in the Northeast Georgia mountains.
    Just can't quit the South.

  • "There's Never a Bad Time for a Good Adventure!" has been my personal motto since middle school.

  • Forever a Shania Twain/Sheryl Crow/Dixie Chicks/Spice Girls fan with no shame. 

let's get to know each other,

i like you already.